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PurrWeb is a Yii and RubyOnRails web development company for startups, that allows you to rapidly build stable products using our expertise in Yii and Ruby on Rails. Our core specializations are SaaS, e-commerce, complex CMS, CRM and e-learning platforms.



Main goal of this site is provide info about events that SP conducts and sell tickets on it. Admin interface is very rich and allow user to change almost anything on the site without any html knowledge. From launch in 2012 this site gives to SEMIPERMANENT 5613 sold tickets on theirs events on 24 July 2014

Technologies: paypal-integration, paypal-api, twitter-bootstrap, symfony

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Catalogue magazine

This is a fashion magazine website with custom affiliate program for clothing shops. Our team developed this site from scratch (designs was provided): we planned database and made high level design, did backend and psd/html work.

Technologies: mailchimp, custom-cms, cms-development, mysql, shopify, css3, html5, php, sphinx, yii-framework

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